Jambo!  Supa!

*UPDATE* Due to my own financial limits, I’ve returned home to Canada since June 2015.  Please refer to the Facebook page for the most current information about what was accomplished in Kenya and my future plans for continuing assisting those Kenyans in need.  Thank you to everyone who showed interest in this page and I hope to expand things again once in a better position.  Any further donations will still be accepted for the medical treatment and special education of the HIV-positive blind girl mentioned throughout my campaign.  Contact me with any questions.   — Stefan 7/15

Here’s the official website to track my Kenya volunteering experience at a remote Maasai school and Mombasa orphanage, and raise funds for the community to better the children’s educational experience.

Luxuries like electricity and running water have been left at home. Follow my Blog and check back regularly for photo and video updates.

The point of this website is to get people involved in helping me raise $1500 for the school, daycare, and community; raising awareness for all Kenyans’ basic right for education and giving those in need of medical treatment access to it.

I’m climbing Kilimanjaro to raise the money! Donor tiers receive gifts! Read the About section for more info and don’t forget to like and follow my Facebook page. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram.

Ashe 🙂


Mount Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peak is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.