You Can Be Heroes

Dear ______, (yes you)

From under the hills and over the cliffs and across the bushy hot plains came students and teachers from 10 schools to participate in an activity day several weeks ago.

Attracting Maasai members from the community and prompting the slaughtering of a goat, the day was filled with games and cheering. Olmaroroi’s girl’s and boy’s teams performed well sporting their new uniforms, winning 3 games and tying one. Teams competed in football (soccer), volleyball, and girl’s netball matches throughout the steamiest parts of the day and with great focus. Most of the kids’ heroes are famous football players, so it’s easy to see the game taking great hold of their imaginations. This wasn’t just an activity day, it was the world championships and the stakes were high.

Adult football fans relished the opportunity to leave their livestock and involve themselves in coaching the kids with their perfect plays drawn out in the dirt. Fans in the lower grades prepped the field with their own chaotic matches and then cheered on their home teams to victory, escalating in a running celebration that resulted in a few minor tramplings. But brushing off the red dirt and doing a victory dance is not only a spawn of excitement, but a chance – just for a moment – to be a part of something bigger than their imaginations.

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Stefan. Super-Heroes